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Letter to the editor.....

Saturday, 13 July, 2013 - Modified on Saturday, 13 July, 2013 at 6:16 pm


Have you tried to drive around the village recently at 8.45am or 3.15pm? If you have you will know that it resembles the starting line of the Formula 1 Grid.


Of course I am referring to the inconsiderate parking on Dean Street by the building contractors refurbishing the Rodney Pub. The parking of large vans all the way up to the Church is causing a serious hazard and is aggravating drivers attempting to get in and out of the village. 


Driving down or up Dean St, you take your life into your own hands as you have no vision of the traffic flow and any sign of a potential gap means drivers hurtle along the street at excessive speed for fear of being trapped by another vehicle. There have been a number of near misses (me included as a Co-op lorry would not give way forcing me to reverse almost to the Church Gate on the pavement).


Cyclists do not escape either as invariably drivers pull onto the pavement to avoid being hit by another vehicle and almost collide with passing cyclists. 


Pedestrians have no chance as no one will give way and cars travel on pavements missing pedestrians by inches. Parents with children walking to school have complained of excessive fumes, noise and number of vehicles turning a once pleasant village into a scene resembling the M6 motorway. 


I wonder to myself why is there never a traffic inspector investigating at peak times, why do they come at non peak times to complete their assessments? This means that nothing gets done.


Of course the builders will tell us that this is temporary but is it? My fear is when the houses are occupied, there could be over 20 cars trying to get in and out of the estate with their visitors parking on Dean St as there will be nowhere to park thus not rectifying the parking and driving chaos. 


Something needs to be done to preserve our beautiful village. 


Please post your comments so we can take this to the Parish Council as evidence and push for parking restrictions to make our village safe again.


Ruth Wake (Mrs).


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