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Council listens to parents on proposed school transport changes

Tuesday, 02 July, 2013 - Modified on Tuesday, 02 July, 2013 at 12:42 pm


A consultation on proposals to ask families to share the costs of discretionary school transport has closed today.

Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills, took the decision to end the consultation after listening to the views of parents and teachers.
Ben said: “The consultation was an opportunity to gather views on proposals for parents to share the cost of discretionary school travel and I would like to thank those who have contacted us with their views.
“As a county council, we are committed to listening and acting on the wishes of Staffordshire people and this is exactly the reason we hold consultations such as this.
“We have listened to parents and I think many valid points have been raised so, with this in mind, I have decided to close the consultation and recommend the county council doesn’t continue with the proposals.
“In making an early decision I wanted to remove uncertainty for pupils and parents as they moved into the important last few weeks of term, and to allow heads to focus on their work to improve schools and achieve outstanding outcomes for local children.”
The consultation on whether parents should pay a contribution towards the cost of discretionary school transport was launched by the county council in June.  It was due to end on July 12.
The proposals would have affected around three per cent of the county’s pupils, who currently get free transport if they live over two miles from their catchment primary school, and over three miles from their catchment secondary school.
Ben added:  “We want to make the fairest decision for everyone who lives in Staffordshire. However, we recognise there is the need for flexibility where these decisions affect significantly our unique community of schools in Staffordshire, and in particular those in rural areas.”