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Minutes from last meeting of Brewood Civic Society

Thursday, 28 February, 2013 - Modified on Thursday, 28 February, 2013 at 8:53 pm


Brewood Civic Society

Hon President Dr R.C.H.Taylor


Minutes of the 486th Committee Meeting held on Monday 18th February 2013

At Tree Tops, 28 Engleton Lane


Attendance:- W.Caffrey(Chairman), G.Bailey, A.Holmes, L.Newell, J.Redshaw, L.Williams

Apologies:- S.Armer, A.Brett, R.Brett, Pickrell, R.Taylor



1. Minutes and General Business:-

a) The Minutes of the 485th committee meeting were approved and signed.


2. Matters Arising:-  

a) The Secretary confirmed that an article relating to ‘Cannock Chase and The Katyn Memorial’ together with details of our talk at 7.45pm on Wednesday, March 13th in the Jubilee Hall when George Hook will talk about ‘The World of Mother of Pearl’, will be published in the March edition of Village News and on the Village Times and Village News web sites.


b) Traffic Management Report – Following the completion of the road and pavement re-surfacing works in Stafford Street, the yellow lines are to be carried out in 2” wide primrose yellow, but the tabs would be 4” wide in primrose yellow to meet highways requirements. The road narrows sign in Bargate Lane is still missing and Anne Holmes was asked to follow this matter up. The Parish Council is looking into the requirement for any traffic restrictions relating to the new weighbridge located up Kiddemore Green Road. The Parish Council is to commission a survey of car parking usage and needs for the village. The Parish Council is investigating the possibility of introducing a two hour waiting limit in Sandy Lane.  The extension of the double yellow lines in Vicarage Road is urgently awaited. A barrier is to be installed at the entrance to the car park in Deansfield Road leading to the scout hut and youth centre, however members commented that this would further reduce the amount of available car parking in the village and would exacerbate the current car parking issues.


c) Engleton Lane play area – Anne Holmes was asked to follow up the installation of a barrier across the exit from the play area to Engleton Lane.


d) Extension to Jubilee Hall car park – Nothing further to report.


e) Local List of Buildings and Other Structures – The Secretary is to arrange to write to South Staffordshire Council regarding their proposed listings with any queries, corrections and suggestions resulting from his survey and analysis of the proposals.


f) Graham Bailey reported that he had purchased one dozen replacement large bulldog clips for the Society’s stalls.


g) Positioning of litter bins along the Shropshire Union Canal – Nothing further to report.


h) Best Kept Village Competition – We are awaiting information from the Parish Council.


i) The Chairman advised that the Staffordshire History Day was not relevant to the Society.


j) The New Parish Guide and Parish Newsletter are now to be delivered in early March. The Secretary is to ascertain the date when they will be available for collection from the Parish Council. The leaflets relating to SHLAA and other planning issues are held in abeyance pending the resolvement of a high court legal challenge to the Core Strategy document.



3. Planning Matters:-

a) The Core Strategy, SHLAA and Neighbourhood Planning - The SHLAA consultation is currently postponed until the high court legal challenge to the Core Strategy is resolved.


b) There is nothing further to report on the ownership of the land on the South side of Sandy Lane, between the seating area and Jacob’s Ladder, which is in dispute and is currently being investigated by the Parish Council’s legal advisers.


c) A reply had been received from South Staffordshire Council relating to recent works carried out at 34 Engleton Lane, advising that the hedgerow which had been removed was to be replaced when the service connections had been completed and that the wrought iron fencing, due to its distance away from the highway and the masking effect of the hedge, had been done under Permitted Development.


d) An application has been made for the felling of a flowering cherry and a magnolia at 3 Newport Croft, both of which are in the rear garden of the property.


e) Planning permission has now been granted for 12/00733/FUL – New Primary Care Centre in Kiddemore Green Road, at a meeting of the Planning Regulatory Committee in a very close vote in favour of the development. Concerns were raised by BCS committee members regarding information provided by the Medical Practice and relating to PCT funding of the project. However, by a majority decision, it was agreed that this issue did not fundamentally change the committee’s decision to support the application in its proposed location within the Green Belt, since no so-called “Brownfield” land was currently available within the village and therefore the new Primary Care Centre would have to be sited on Green Belt land. Again by a majority decision it was agreed that the existing surgery and its location in Sandy Lane were no longer “fit for purpose” and that the new facility was needed to meet both the current and future needs of the village, bearing in mind also that under current proposals the village is to be the “beneficiary” of a minimum of 65 new dwellings by 2028, and with proposed developments like the Admiral Rodney housing application, there would be further increases in the village population placing even greater strains upon the existing facility.


f) Planning permissions have been given for the following planning applications: 12/00807/FUL – Application for retention of log cabin as a permanent dwelling at Tinkers Lodge, Tinkers Lane; 12/00874/FUL – 2 storey side extension at 47 Kiddemore Green Road; 12/00968/FUL – Single storey rear extension, erection of new garage, etc at 41 Horsebrook Lane; 12/01009/FUL – Second storey rear extension and single storey side extension at 63 Kiddemore Green Road; 12/01023/FUL – Amendment to driveway and walls at 36a Engleton Lane.


g) We had no objections to the following planning applications: 05/00550/COND – Discharge of conditions 1,2 and 5 at adjacent 2 Dean Street; 11/00828/COND – Discharge of conditions 3, 5 and 7 at 48 Oak Road; 12/00745/COND – Discharge of conditions 3 and 4 at 25a Newport Street; 13/00034/LBC – Internal alterations at Dawscroft House, Bargate Street.


h) We have objected to the following planning application 12/00909/FUL – Amended development proposal for nine dwellings at The Admiral Rodney, 21 Dean Street.


i) We have not received details of the following planning application which falls outside the conservation area: 13/00012/FUL – Detached oak framed garage at Horsebrook Manor, Horsebrook Lane.


j) Planning lists have been received up to and including 1st February 2013.


4. Competitions:-

a) Frank Dearden Awards – Rebecca Brett reported via the Secretary that she was awaiting responses from all the schools to her Emails and letters sent out in January relating to this year’s competition.

b) Hanging Baskets and Floral Containers Competition – Nothing further to report.


5. Finance and Membership:-

a) Graham Bailey advised that cheques had been issued for the hire of the Jubilee Hall and our affiliation fees to the Brewood Community Council together with payments to our speakers.


b) Graham Bailey reported that he had received £690 in membership subscriptions to date but only lists relating to 652 members; he called for all outstanding membership lists and subscriptions to be passed to him as soon as possible. He also advised that we currently had 2 paid up life members.


6. Correspondence:-

a) Information received from Staffordshire County Council has been placed upon circulation.


7. Events:-

a) An excellent talk by Martin Gee, head gardener at Weston Park for over 30 years, entitled ‘History and Development of Weston Park Gardens’ had been much enjoyed by 28 members of the Society on 13th February 2013.


b) Future Talks - Winter 2013:-

            Wednesday 13th March at 7.45pm in the Jubilee Hall – George Hook ‘The World of  Mother of Pearl’. George Hook & Co is the last firm in the Midlands making mother of  pearl buttons, jewellery, inlay material and gifts.

            Wednesday 8th May 2013 at 8.00pm in the Jubilee Hall – Society’s Annual General Meeting. Lavinia Newell will give a talk about Cheese. Details and arrangements are to be agreed and advised.


c) Future visit and talk at Chillington Hall taking in the Courtyard and Barns during May 2013 – Richard Taylor is to arrange a suitable date for this with John Giffard.


8. A.O.B:-

a) No other issues were raised.


9. The meeting duly closed at 9.40pm.


10. Dates of future Committee Meetings:-

            Monday 18th March 2013 at 7.30pm at 6 Telford Gardens.

            Refreshments are to be provided by Lyn Williams.


            Monday 15th April 2013 at 7.30pm at Wheelwright Cottage, Kiddemore Green

            Refreshments are to be provided by Sue Armer.


11. Items pending and/or awaiting further action:-

a) Footpath No. 17 – 16/04/12

b) Frontage to Broadgate House – 18/06/12

c) Exterior decoration at the Swan Hotel – 20/08/12

d) Street clutter survey – 19/11/12

e) Society visit to Albrighton – 19/11/12

f) Avenue Bridge and Canal & River Trust working party - 17/12/12

g) Progress of Enforcement Notice relating to land at Cosynook, Coven - 17/12/12

h) K6 Telephone box in High Green – 18/02/13

i) Footpath No 18. – 18/02/13

j) Permitted development rights – 18/02/13