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Art Attack for budding artists

Monday, 02 April, 2012 - Modified on Tuesday, 03 April, 2012 at 4:31 pm



Brewood Library was turned into an art gallery on Saturday when work completed by pupils from St. Mary & St. Chad First School in Brewood went on display.
Children, who attend an after school Art Club run by Jane Plowright, proudly saw their work displayed in the Library and received certificates for their achievements.
The pupils have produced a wide and varied yet always excellent body of work encompassing impressionism, Oils, the work of Jackson Pollock and even creating mythical lists in the style of Dr. Seuss, 'Please try to remember the first of Octember!'.
Jackson Pollock was an American painter and famous 'Abstract expressionist' who worked in the 1940's. Instead of using an easel and brushes he put huge canvases on the floor and dripped, flung and splashed paint all over them. 
If you want a green kangaroo, skateboard TV or a Jeep a fly kite, make a list and wait for the first of Octember as this mythical day is when such mythical items will be delivered! 
When presenting the certificates, Mrs. Plowright was keen to stress how hard all the artists had worked and how enthusiastically they had flung themselves into the different styles and thought processes.
The exhibition is well worth a visit and will remain in the library throughout the Easter fortnight.
You can view some of the exhibits on display by visiting our gallery - www.villagetimes.co.uk/1013/gallery.htm#pg
The pictures you can view are, in this order - 
  • 1st of Octember list by Amy Horton
  • Brewood in Oils by Lily-Belle Howard
  • Giraffe by Holly Postles
  • Clock by Ethan Kelly
  • Cup Cake Face Clock by Darcie Smith
  • Cute Puppy by Jake Winters
  • Dolphin in Watercolour by Amy Horton
  • Dr. Seuss list by Phoebe Cope
  • Flying Horse by Grace Dando
  • Impressionist Seaside by Grace Dando
  • Impressionist Birthday by Amy Horton
  • Impressionist Ice Rink in Oils by Holly Postles
  • Impressionist Oil Painting by Millie Gould
  • Impressionist Painting by Rachel Rollinson
  • Impressionist Seaside by Mollie Trinder
  • Impressionist iew of Newcastle Football Ground by Alfie Hogg
  • In Space with Cookies & Bourbons by Ethan Kelly
  • Ink Portrait by Alfie Hogg
  • Inspiration Explosion by Millie Gould
  • Jackson Pollock Action Painting by Tom Horton
  • Jackson Pollock Inspired Painting by Millie Gould
  • Jackson Pollock Inspired Painting by Neo Plested
  • Mollie Trinder with Angels Falling From The Sky
  • Octember the 1st List by Luka Vjestica
  • Oil Painting by Hollie Daley
  • Space Explosion by Amy Horton
  • Space in Oils by Ethan Kelly
  • Sunset In Oils by Phoebe Cope
  • Supernatural, Jackson Pollock Style by Holly Postles
  • Swimming in a Surreal Sea with Money Falling from the Sky by Ben Brown
  • The Darkness Avenue by Millie Gould
  • The Splatter, Jackson Pollock Style by Lily-Belle Howard
  • Volcano, Jackson Pollock Style by Tom Horton
  • Watercolour Dog by Luka Vjestica
  • Watercolour Lion by Tom Horton
  • Watercolour Parrot by Alfie Hogg
  • World Around You by Millie Gould