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April dates for your diary

Friday, 30 March, 2012 - Modified on Friday, 30 March, 2012 at 2:26 pm


Why not take a look at what's coming up in Brewood, Coven and Bishops Wood over the next month?


For all the information you need here's a link to our what's on calendar - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/things-to-do.htm?t=1333234800


In the meanwhile here's a selection of things to do below. Click on the links for more information. If you know of an event we've missed or would like us to add something please let us know by email at info@villagetimes.co.uk or give us a call on 01902 851000.


1st April - Coven Ramblers - Brewood Walk http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1107/Coven+Ramblers+-+Brewood+Walk.htm


1st April and every Sunday - Fun Quiz at the Swan - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1124/Fun+Quiz+at+The+Swan%2C+Brewood.htm


2nd April - The Cross of Christ, a Choral Event - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1133/The+Cross+of+Christ.htm


3rd April - Brewood Cricket Club Open Evening - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1121/Brewood+Cricket+Club+Open+Evening.htm


4th April - Brewood WI, All Things Bright & Beautiful - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1101/Brewood+WI+-+All+things+bright+%26+beautiful.htm


5th April - Brewood Library reading group - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1148/Brewood+Library+-+Reading+Group.htm


5th April and every Thursday - Opem Mic night at The Swan - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1089/Open+Mic+Night+at+the+Swan+with+Ed+from+The+Copicats.htm


6th April and every Friday - Brewood Walk & Talk - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1144/Brewood+Walk+%26+Talk.htm


14th April - Cider & Cheese Festival, Coven - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1097/Cider+%26+Cheese+Festival+-+Coven+Memorial+Hall.htm


17th April and every Tuesday - Storytime at Brewood Library - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1141/Brewood+Library+-+Storytime.htm


18th April and every Wednesday - Baby Bounce and Rhyme - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1139/Brewood+Library+-+Baby+Bounce+%26+Rhyme.htm


20th April - St Mary's Catholic School PTFA presents a Quiz Night - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1102/St.+Mary%27s+PTFA+presents+-+Quiz+Night.htm


20th April - Bingo at Bishops Wood Village Hall - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1106/Bingo+at+Bishops+Wood+Village+Hall.htm


21st April - Spring Time Coffee Morning - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1068/Spring+Time+Coffee+Morning.htm


21st April - Brewood Singers at St. Augustine's, Edgbaston - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1095/Brewood+Singers+at+St+Augustine%27s%2C+Edgbaston.htm


22nd April - Parish of St. Mary St. Chad, Brewood, Annual Parish Meeting - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1105/Parish+of+St.+Mary+the+Virgin+%26+St.+Chad%2C+Brewood+-+Annual+Parochial+Church+Meeting+%26+Election+of+Churchwardens.htm


23rd April - Brewood Reminiscence Session - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1149/Brewood+Reminiscence+Session.htm


25th April - Brewood Library Beginners IT Course - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1150/Brewood+Library+-+Beginners+IT+Course.htm


25th April - Brewood Library More IT Office Course - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1151/Brewood+Library+-+More+IT+Office+Course.htm


26th April - Annual Parish Meeting - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1093/Annual+Parish+Meeting.htm


27th April - The All-skas at Jubilee Hall - http://www.villagetimes.co.uk/events/1057/The+All-skas+at+Jubilee+Hall.htm