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Bev Bevan interview - Part 4

Sunday, 27 May, 2012 - Modified on Sunday, 27 May, 2012 at 5:50 pm


 In the final part of our interview with Rock Legend Bev Bevan, he tells Village Times about his time with Black Sabbath, another entry on his CV, his work as a fundraiser for The Birmingham Children’s Hospital and just being a Drummer!


You had a spell with Black Sabbath in the 80’s?


Yeah, 83/84 went back again in 86, 87 just odd shows here and there. The initial tour, the ‘Born Again’ tour was terrific and they’ve just re-released it in the last year. They’ve re-released ‘Born Again’ and the bonus album was our performance live headlining at the Reading festival in 83 which sounds great.  After all these years to hear it again was terrific. That bought back massive memories and with this Move 69 album that’s two very different but very good performances being released within 12 months of each other.


On March 15th 1986 a concert was held at the NEC under the banner of ‘Heartbeat 86’. Performers at the concert included ELO, the Moody Blues, Robert Plant, Roy Wood, UB40, Denny Laine and special guest appearances from Dave Edmunds and George Harrison. Bev was the driving force, organising the concert and other events to aid the charity.


You must be very proud of what you achieved with Heartbeat?


Yeah, we raised an incredible amount of money for the Birmingham Childrens Hospital and the concert was terrific actually. I think we raised close to £1 million by the time we finished. George Harrison even turned up at the end of the concert, as surprises go that was pretty damn good. It was virtually the last time ELO played, I think we only did 3 more shows after that.

Are you a steering wheel drummer?


I never stop! There’s a tune going through my head all the time and I’m always tapping things and walking in time to music or a tune that’s in my head. But yeah, definitely a steering wheel tapper!


Given your profession, it’s just in you isn’t it?


That’s the great thing about drummers, you’re either a drummer or you’re not actually. It’s almost impossible to teach anyone, if you don’t have a natural sense of rhythm then you can’t play. It’s as simple as that really.


Maybe impossible to say but has there been a particular highlight in your career?


I suppose when we did the ‘Out of The Blue’ tour and we played Wembley and my Mum came to the show, my Dad had died when I was 10 so he never saw me become a drummer like he was actually. So that was a very proud moment and it was a charity concert, the Duke and Duchess of York were there and for my Mum to come to that, coming to Wembley to see the show, in front of 12,000 people, I suppose that would stand out as a highlight.

Starting out at the Beehive you’ve been drummer, rock star, TV personality on Pop Quiz in the 80’s, author, DJ, fund raiser – is there anything left on the to do list?


Yes! My good friend Tony Iommi has just released a book called ‘Iron Man’, which is a terrific read actually, and came out in hardback just before Christmas. The paperback comes out I think in July or August but so does the talking book CD and you can download it from all sorts of places, and they’ve asked me to narrate the book. So, that’s a first – I’ve never been a narrator before!


You’ve had an amazing career though so far?


I’ve been very fortunate, got to work with some great people and avoided having a proper job all these years!


Village Times would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Bev Bevan for agreeing to do this interview.


Next week look out for our exclusive interview with the Boogie Queen herself – Jean Martyn!


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